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I go by Hika, or Tam. They/Them pronouns.I'm a black, queer, comic artist, illustrator, graphic and web designer based in the Bay Area!I mainly make illustrations, comics, and designs about my OCs. And, zines about my thoughts, too.Magical Girls, Tech, and The Supernatural are my favorite themes.


Here's some art to help you decide… if you wanna follow me or not?? 😂
For a professional portfolio, try My Foriio Account. For a full backlog, try My Art Gallery.


●    Follow me if you'd like to! I'm not the boss of you.
●    I 🔁reblog🔁 other artists a LOT, cause that's the only way we can crawl our way out of the Algorithm Shadow Realm. Lowkey, I suggest you try it too.
●    I might be a bit slow/hesitant to follow back. I don't want my TL to move at lightspeed.
●    I reply and engage freely, and I love to do so!
●    BlueSky Specific: you might notice I engage with your posts consitently even though I'm not following you. Prolly cause I think you're nice/friendly or post cool stuff sometimes. The followers feed on Bluesky lets me keep an eye on you and give back.
●    I draw and talk about my OCs a lot.
●    I'm unfortunately not the kind of art account that never makes life-posts.
●    Because I wanna be a YA/late-teen author, I won't reblog NSFW or (some) suggestive art much, if at all. It'd be irresponsible of me to try and attract a teen audience and then push adult content towards them. Even though there's nothing inherently wrong with adult content.